Nestled in a serene environment, Perks Matriculation Higher Secondary School offers an inspiring atmosphere to learn, grow and develop. PERKS was founded in the year 1971 by the great visionary and philanthropist late Sri Rama Ranganathan. His visionary thoughts led to the realization of this global school. Over a period of 4 decades, the School has now become a centre for learning, with world-class amenities, while retaining its service to the society for the cause of education.


Sri Rama Ranganathan, the founder of Perks School was born in the year 1926. From his younger days he showed a keen interest in the field of Education, Sports, Health and Indian Music. After graduating from Bolton Tech, England he was instrumental in developing various institutions in Coimbatore before finding his true calling in education.

He was a powerhouse of knowledge and his versatility made him a reputed educationalist. He believed that the process of education should bring about a holistic development of a person. He realised his life’s purpose in educating the young minds and thus Perks Matriculation higher Secondary school was founded in the year 1971.

He was a lover of sports and this has been reflected on the Tennis Court he built as early as 1952. He was instrumental in organizing "The Davis Cup" east-zone quarter final game played between Indian and Korea in Coimbatore, in the year 1977, which was a tremendous success.

He has always believed that a sound mind and a sound body are mutually beneficial and this has been reflected in the installation of pebble path and the Pyramid in the campus.


  • To discover the innate talents of students in curriculum and to equip them with the required potential to become excellent and responsible citizens of tomorrow.
  • To provide for the overall development of students, keeping societal, moral and cultural values intact.
  • To provide a platform towards developing an awarness of nature and its conservation.


To offer quality education on par with global standards and providing opportunities for the student’s overall development with a key thrust on Indian values.


Let me first welcome you to our institution. We believe that education is a natural process that is carried out by a child and it is not acquired by just reading or writing or listening to words. In fact, home is a child’s first school. It is at home that a child first learns his/ her language, motor and emotional skills. we strongly believe that a child gets educated through experiences in his/ her environment – Home provides that first learning environment.

A child’s school days are a very special time in your child’s life where he/ she fine tunes the academic , emotional, motor skills etc... we at Perks, provide a conducive environment for your child to learn and experiment his/ her skills. we develop a child not only through academics but also through opportunities in games, sports and co curricular activities.

Since learning takes place at home and at school, we invite you to join hands with us to make the childhood magical and a pleasurable learning experience for your child.