Each child is different and unique in his/ her own way. Each child has unlimited potential and the ability to achieve and become great in life. This is the reason why we, at Perks gives individual attention to each and every child and identify the special talents and to nurture them in the right way.


In line with the state government, we at Perks follow the Samacheer Syllabus prescribed by the Tamil Nadu Government.


X Seed is a 5 step experiential learning approach designed after over five years of research by Alumni from Harvard, Cambridge, MIT & IIM. In the classroom, XSeed replaces the one-step telling approach with a multi-step learning process since children learn best by action,followed by reflection & feedback. It aides in raising students performance as they learn twice as good as that in a normal classroom.


Educomp Smartclass is a first of its kind, teacher - led educational content based solution that has dramatically improved learning outcomes in school. It is the largest digital content library of curriculum mapped, multimedia rich; 3D content. It aides children in grasping the fundamental concepts with better clarity.