Students studying Bees

Students studying bees and their behaviour. An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching! Our children visiting a bee farm to learn about the honey bees and their life cycle. A few minutes of practical learning made their learning experience more enjoyable.

Students got rid of the fear and learnt to handle the honey combs

honey comb demonstration

Students making a Close up study of Honey comb formation

Students observing the construction of Honey comb

World Environment Day Celebrations

The World Environment Day was celebrated at Perks Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore on June 5, 2018.  The day started with drawing competition on the topic “Save Our Environment”. Some of the paintings submitted  by the students are displayed below


Environmental day Painting Perks school

Following which the students from various grades rendered excellent speech which depicted their deep concern over conserving nature.

Perks students speech on world Environment day

The power point presentation by standard VI to XII students stressed on the importance of saving trees, avoidance of using plastics, the effects of pollution and the means to eradicate them, social responsibilities of each individual in taking care of mother Earth.

Inauguration of Organic Farming on the environment day

Following the power point presentation, the inauguration of Organic Farm for the students was done by the Correspondent, Mrs. Kalpana Srinivasen. Students had interaction with the farmer who shared his experience with the students. The Students of Standard V planted the seeds with the guidance of the teachers and the gardener.  The importance of organic farming, the preparation of organic manure was explained by the gardener to the students.

Children sowing seeds on the environment day






Therukoothu, an ancient Indian Theatre form of Tamil Nadu

Inagural Address by Perks school Tamil teacher

Inagural address by shajajakhan, Tamil Teacher

Therukoothu is an ethnic folk art of India. It is an ancient Indian Theatre form of Tamil Nadu. “Theru” means street and “Koothu” means play. Therukoothu is usually performed on the streets in the open, mostly during temple festivals in villages. It has been practiced in the state of Tamilnadu for several centuries. In the olden days only men took active roles in Therukoothu program. Men used to dress up like females and enact female roles. Nowadays this art form is very much evolved and Women take part in this art form the open air. All artists have very powerful voices and they do not require mikes for their performance.

Makeup for therukoothu

Makeup happening for Therukoothu program

It has always been highly narrative since inception and it uses reciting, singing, music and dancing as its main elements. This art form is more popular in the northern Tamil Nadu State than other parts of Tamilnadu. It has no formal dance structure and usually is organised in the summer months of an year in Tamilnadu.

Artists of therukoothu

Artists of Therukoothu are inroduced

Therukoothu is one of the many rural art forms which are on the verge of dying. As an effort to conserve this folk art form as well as other folk art forms of Tamilnadu, and also, to encourage the practicing artists, the, Management of Perks Matriculation Higher Secondary school decided to often conduct programs in its campus and introduce these art forms to the younger generation.

thuchadanan playing his role

Udalveli Art Foundation is a Non-Profit organization founded by the talented Mr. Dharanidharan. He aims to revive and bring back the culture of live audiences and the lost forms of Indian Theatre. Udalveli recently collaborated with Theatre Akku to bring us “ADAVU” – a play based on Therukoothu. The main character in the play Duchathanan was played by accomplished Theatre artist Mr. Kumar Kaliyaperumal. The Storyteller, the musicians and the other supporting artists have all undergone rigorous training in theatre and exceled on the stage. Mr. Vetri wrote this play.

Thuchadanan in Mahabarath therukoothu

Our first audiences came 1 hour before the play was to be staged and they had the opportunity to see the artists up close while they were make-up.  We were delighted to welcome audience of all ages for the show. We could really see some grandparents come with their grandchildren and reminiscence about their childhood during village temple festivals and how they had seen Therukoothu with their families.

The play was a 45 minute show with the combination of song, music and drama which kept the audience spell bound. It was surely an evening to remember for everyone who witnessed the play. Our deepest gratitude for the performers of the play and the audience.

Gurupurnima celebration

A “Guru” is one who removes the darkness from one’s life, gives knowledge and leads one to the path of righteousness.  To express the gratitude and to value the importance of Guru – “Gurupurnima” is celebrated every year at our school.  On July 2017, The students did “Patha Pooja“ to their parents and got blessings from all the teachers.

Blue Moon in Coimbatore 2018


For the first time in 35 years, a Blue Moon occured during a Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, January 31st, an event some called “a super blue blood moon.”

Waiting for the Lunar Eclipse

Three telescopes installed for the Eclipse watch for the students and Public

The Blue Moon is the second of two full moons in one calendar month. This Blue Moon was special because  it passed through the earth’s shadow to give us a total lunar eclipse that was visible from Coimbatore. Additionally, the alignment of the Blue Moon made it look like a Super Moon – due to its increased proximity to the earth, causing the moon to look slightly larger, bigger and brighter than the usual. And third, this full moon happens to fall during a total lunar eclipse, which is sometimes called a “blood moon” due to the reddish-orange light the totally eclipsed moon emits.

Public waiting to see the lunar eclipse

Public started to visit the school from early evening and eagerly watching the telescopes being set up

To witness this celestial event, The Astronomy club at Perks Marticulation Higher Secondary school had arranged a Lunar Eclipse Watch along with the experts of the Coimbatore Astronomy Club for the people of Namma Coimbatore on the 31st January 2018. The event was organised on our school terrace. The Eclipse watch was from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

Public is anxiously waiting for their chance to see through telescope

Public eagerly waiting for their turn to see the eclipse through telescopes

Powerful  telescopes, 3 numbers,  were arranged for the event and the Space Enthusiasts from the city had a lovely evening watching the Eclipse. Unlike a total solar eclipse, a total lunar eclipse cannot damage your eyes, making it safe to look at without any special glasses or equipment.

There were many young children who had flocked to see this rare event along with their parents and grandparents. Some children had brought their binoculars to view the event. The public stood in queues and took turns at gazing through the telescope. The experts from the Coimbatore Astronomy Club gave a lot of intresting information relating to the Eclipse and other objects in the sky. It was a very exciting and an informative evening for the people who attended this event.








Navarathri Golu Celebration

NAVARATHRI is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga.  The word “Navarathri” means “nine nights” in Sanskrit, nava meaning nine and rathri meaning nights.  Darkness is associated with night.  What is this darkness? It is the darkness of ignorance.

Students attending Navarathri Golu Celebrations

Students participating Navarathri Golu Celebrations


The purpose of the navarathri celebration is to enable man to get rid of the nine types of darkness which have taken hold of him.  The children celebrated the nine magical days with songs and prayers.


Bharath natyam dance on Golu Day

Bharatha Natyam by students during Navarathri Golu Celebrations


Students watching Bharatha Natyam dance on Navarathri golu day

Students watching Bharatha Natyam dance on Navarathri golu day

Road Safety Patrol

In a bid to create awareness among students on road safety, Mr. Vande Matharam Mathavan and Mr. Rangaprabhu of Tamil Nadu Police – Traffic Warden, Coimbatore City conducted a Road Safety Workshop at our School Mini-Theater.  The Road Safety Patrol (RSP) of PERKS received special training from the Coimbatore Traffic Police to guide motorists and pedestrians near school premises.   The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) appreciated the RSP students with certificates on the occasion of the School Annual Day 2017.