Indic Book shelf – Inauguration at Perks School Library

Indica Bookshelf – Inaugurated at Perks Matriculation School


Indica is a platform for knowledge – Shastras. Indica is very keen in promoting the reading habit among students in India. They do plenty of research on Indian heritage and organise workshops regarding this.

As part of their various programs, they donate books to the school libraries in India to cultivate the habit of reading . Indica of Coimbatore selected our school to set up a Indica Shelf in our library. Interestingly It is their first project in coimbatore.

Indic Book Shelf Inauguration Perks school library
School management along with Indic Coimbatore

Perks school management immediately accepted their proposal. It made arrangements to house the Indica shelf in our library.  The first Indic Book Shelf was inaugurated by Sri. M. Pramodkumar, Convener of Indica Coimbatore, on Independence Day 2019.

Indic Book Shelf Inaugural talk by Pramodkumar

Following this a talk on Jallianwalla Bagh was organised to commemorate 100 years of the incident. Mr.Rajesh Govindarajulu delivered the talk in collaboration with Bharateeya Ithihasa Sankalana Samithi.