About Us

Nestled in a serene environment, Perks Matriculation Higher Secondary School was founded in the year 1971 by late Sri. Rama Ranganathan. He was a great visionary and a philanthropist whose thoughts and determination led to the realization of this global school. Over a period of 4 decades, the school has now become a center for learning with world-class amenities while retaining its service to the society for the cause of education.

Perks School offers an inspiring atmosphere to learn, grow and develop the intellect and character of each student.  

India is an ancient society which is constantly evolving. It has an assimilation of traditions and culture on one hand and pure knowledge on the other. Perks strikes a balance between these two by providing a rich environment of Indian culture with the blend of modern education system. This helps to nurture young minds and to propel them forward to face the challenges of life.

Our world is constantly changing. The success of Perks lies in the dynamic teacher-student relationship. The heart of everything we do lies in serving the students by understanding their needs with great care. We are committed to hiring and retaining the best faculty who are skilled in bringing out the very best in each student. Perks is not just a School, it is a community of learners, dreamers and achievers.

Message from the Correspondent

Childhood is a journey, not a race and this exciting time in your child’s life is to be cherished. We believe that education is an on-going and a natural process that is carried out by a person throughout one’s lifetime. It is not something that is acquired by just reading, writing or listening to a bunch of words for a specific period of time. This is the reason why our kindergarten environment is relaxed and caring along with a robust, well-rounded curriculum for emotional, physical, intellectual and social growth. We strongly believe that one’s home is the first school. It is at home that a child first learns one’s mother tongue, starts to develop fine and gross motor skills. Home provides that learning environment and we believe that the kindergarten should be an extension of one’s home.

Our program concentrates in developing one’s mind and body simultaneously.

Our junior and middle school environments are designed to make students think. It helps them to express and transform their creative ideas into action. We guide the young children’s transition from childhood to adolescence by introducing various co-curricular activities. Our co-curricular program starts with identifying a child’s potential at an early age. With the help of various club activities, each unique potential is nurtured carefully to blossom into a world-class talent. Our program concentrates in developing one’s mind and body simultaneously. Along with the various sports activities, the clubs help the child become a physically fit and a well-rounded individual.

In our high school environment, the student’s intellect is constantly challenged by our experienced faculty to prepare them for the common examinations. At PERKS, we believe the education we provide should transverse beyond the common examinations. So the children are encouraged to explore their chosen streams for excellence that will equip them to shine in future.

Come, join us in creating the future that we can feel proud of.

Kalpana Srinivasan


Perks school founder

Sri. Rama Ranganathan, the Founder of PERKS School was born in the year 1926. He was an ardent lover of Sports and Indian Music. He built Tennis courts as early as 1952 in Coimbatore. He was instrumental in organizing “ The Davis Cup” east-zone quarterfinal game played between India and Korea in Coimbatore, in the year 1977. He was also an advocate for Health and Indian culture.

He graduated from Bolton Tech, England and was instrumental in developing various institutions in Coimbatore before finding his true calling in the field of education.

He was a powerhouse of knowledge and his versatility made him a reputed educationalist. He believed that the process of education should bring about a holistic development of a person. He formed the Ramaswamy Naidu and Rama Ranganathan Charities and realized his life’s purpose in educating the young minds and thus Perks Matriculation Higher Secondary School was founded in the year 1971.